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Mediation helps with latent conflicts and prevents potential escalations. It is the best way to resolve labour disputes.  
An independent, expert mediator helps bring the different parties together. This is how you arrive at a constructive and sustainable solution. A solution that is often slightly different than what you may have had in mind.
We mediate with regard to the advice of the company doctor, in the event of imminent dismissal or absenteeism from work, where there is often something else involved. 

Mediation in the event of dismissal 

Have you decided to let an employee go? For example, because they are not functioning properly or because the employer/employee relationship has been negatively affected? Or do employees need to be let go due to a reorganisation in the company?  

Whatever the cause, it is important to conclude the period to come in a positive way. Even if you agree to go your separate ways. This prevents intense emotions and a drawn-out procedure.  


The purpose of mediation in the event of dismissal 

  • Making effective and reasonable agreements that everyone can agree to. The agreements are recorded in a settlement agreement. This creates clarity and prevents misunderstandings. Such an agreement is also required by law.  
  • As an employee, you will receive a tailor-made solution with severance pay. You will soon be able to put your energy into finding a new challenge. In many cases, it is also possible to retain your entitlement to unemployment benefit.  
  • Both parties will part on a positive note, without arguments or bitterness. In a positive way.  

Mediation in reintegration 

Reintegrating when you've been off sick for a while can be daunting. As an employee, you may wonder: will I be able to manage at work? Do I even want to work? Or would I rather do different work? As a supervisor or HR manager, you want to see whether the employee's commitment and enthusiasm are still the same.  

Our mediators provide guidance for both parties in this process. They are objective and provide support to make reintegration a success.  


The purpose of mediation in reintegration 

  • To make going back to the work as easy as possible. Sometimes, after a period of absence, the old job role has changed too much. Or the work is too hard. Together we will examine the possibilities. This way, your experience will not be wasted and you can enjoy going back to work. 
  • Does the mediation reveal that the work is no longer suitable? We will look at a way to find different work together. This can be within the organisation or elsewhere.  

Mediation in case of frequent absenteeism 

If an employee calls in sick more often than usual, something else is usually going on. Maybe there are tensions between colleagues. Or the employee is being bullied. The employee may also be increasingly less motivated in their work.  

In that case, it is important to discuss this. This will prevent long-term absenteeism and a potential dismissal procedure. And that's a good thing for the supervisor and the employee.  


The purpose of mediation in case of sick leave 

  • Together, we will look at the reasons for the absence.  
  • Is it clear what the causes are? The employee and HR manager or supervisor will make agreements to prevent unnecessary absenteeism.  
  • As an employee, you will be happy and satisfied to go back to work.  

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