Our working method

Our working method
step by step 

Before the first meeting, we will inform you about the course of the process. The other party will receive exactly the same information. So the expectations are clear. You both sign a mediation agreement. This is the starting point of the mediation.  

Mediation consists of three phases: determination of direction, negotiation and settlement. 

The mediation consists of 3 phases:

  • You will be assigned a mediator that suits you. They will contact you individually. 
  • The supervisor and the employee receive a questionnaire with the same questions. By answering these questions, you will be able to share your opinion on the matter. And you indicate when the situation has been resolved for you, or what it takes. The questions are answered independently of each other. 
  • The next step is the personal intake. The mediator will conduct separate intakes with the employee and the supervisor. The intake is done by telephone or video call. 
  • After the intake, the mediator schedules an appointment for a three-way conversation. This conversation is usually face-to-face at an independent location. If all parties prefer a video call, this is also possible.  
  • All these steps are intended to gather information about the conflict. From the point of view of both parties. Together, we will investigate how the conflict could have arisen. And in what direction to look for a possible solution. 
  • Now that it is clear where the cause of the problems lies, the search for a solution begins. Together with the mediator, you make agreements about the continuation of the mediation. 
  • The mediator will enter into a conversation with both parties, face-to-face or through our online platform eSolvid. We will look for a solution to the conflict. With attention to the individual interests of the organisation and the employee. 
  • Do you agree on a solution? Then we'll conclude the mediation. A few conversations are often enough to get to this stage. 
  • The agreements are recorded in a settlement agreement that you both sign. That way, all parties know where they stand. The agreements made will now be implemented. If you both wish, we can review them together after a while. 
  • After the mediation, the employee and the supervisor or HR manager will receive an evaluation form. This is how we learn from your feedback.

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